General information

This type of plants have been designed according to the farm size. The concept is a modular plant that can be acquired and installed according to the possibilities of the producer and the needs of the herd.

Plants are designed thinking of the agricultural producer and the farmer who can add value to their production and who has the need to prepare their own balanced feeds in the form of meals, for self-consumption or for sale to other producers or companies. The plant is divided into modules that can be acquired all together or scalable according to farm needs. Each module is built with the best equipment in the US market, assembled and tested before dispatch to ensure the operation of the plant in the final destination.


The modular configuration reduces the installation time and the investment in structures or equipment supports, since everything is assembled in modules in our workshops, thus shortening the time of construction in the field and decreasing the investments of the plant.

This type of plants is composed of the following modules:

  • Grain Processing (Reduction of particle size)
  • Storage (Grains, Flours and Raw Materials)
  • Micro ingredients system (Optional).
  • Mixing of Ingredients
  • End meal storage
  • Bagging or Bulk Dispatch
  • Pelletizing or Extrusion Lines (Optional).
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    The possibility of controlling the manufacture of the formulas consumed by the herd have a considerable impact on the income of the production system, taking into account that most of the ingredients can be produced within the same farm or purchased in the area of influence at low cost, improving the profitability of your business and the surpluses can be sold in local markets and generate additional economic resources.


    Because meals are a fundamental part in the preparation of balanced feed, this type of plant is the perfect solution for the production of Pelleted or Extruded food, which we also have available.

    Why choose Our Plants?

    Our customers choose this type of plants because:

    • They are a solution for producers who want to produce their own food
    • Our plants are designed in a modular way, so growing would not be a problem
    • Produce and store food for critical periods
    • The possibility of controlling the manufacture of the formulas that the herds consume