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Our History
Year of 2008
INTPROCON is born from the experience acquired in the management of projects. In the year 2008, in the state of Kansas, United States, the heart of the production of food for the animal industry, we ventured into the design of Feed Mills plants, with the use of 3D CAD systems, with the Latin American market as a target.

Year of 2009
We consolidate Feed Mills Plant projects in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Belize and Africa, among others. We manage projects in the field and the completion of a feed mill plant for aquaculture in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Year of 2010
The year of 2010 passed in the design of plants to customers and individuals, focused on the processing of oilseeds and the transformation of biomass into food or natural fertilizers. economic to materials that were thought garbage or waste.

Feed Manufacturing Training/Course

As part of my professional development I participated in the Rapco Food Manufacturing Course given by the Kansas State in partnership with the IGP International Grain Program, being the first group to use the facilities of a new Feed Mill plant build in the campus facility university, with the highest technology and following the most modern techniques of construction and operation of plants, this being the most important focus in the transfer of technology to students and professionals from the most remote areas of the world come to train.

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