Shrimp Waste
The potential of the shrimp meal is known to be similar in nutritional composition to the byproducts derived from the fishing industry, being these required in the animal food industry as an important Feedstock.

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Grass and Biomass Drying
The process of transformation these products is dry, and without adding steam, nor the need for fuel burners used in traditional rotary dryers, and the meal can be Pelleted and or Cubed

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Animal Manures
Industrial waste management let its incorporation into the environment in a responsible and friendly way and makes organic production a viable alternative, and at the same time it gives the opportunity for this type of fertilizer.

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Organic Waste
Responsibility with the environment involves us and you should consider returning materials that can be reincorporated without any ecological impact, and thus achieve a balance with the ecosystem to which your community or industry belongs.

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Reconverting these waste materials useful for other industries and the possibility of being responsible with the environment, generating a business opportunity from waste is a more common practice these days.

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Palm Waste
The waste of this industry can be reused and combined with a biomass pellet generates a product that can be used in power generation or heat and an excellent ingredient for animal feed.

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This type of product solves an important environmental problem and is used to generate power, by using boilers that generate steam from a mixture of vinasse fuel and bagasse, which is sent to a steam turbine to generate electricity.

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Deinking Sludge
Sludge processing in a resource recovery facility is a critical operation for the efficient operation of any plant that produces them.

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Wood Chips
The objective of the system is to convert waste quantities as barks, sawdust and chips are raw materials for later use in products that can be pelletized or become briquettes.

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Contenerized Feed Mills
This type of plants have been designed according to the conditions of the production systems, the concept is a modular plant that can be acquired and installed according to the possibilities of the producer and the needs of the herd.

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Flaking Mill and Drying Line
Flaking mills plants are a viable solution for feedlots producers who need to feed animals in stables or pens, and require optimal results in fattening, avoiding differences in weight gains in animals and obtaining a uniform weight gain in the herd.

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